Monday, December 14, 2009

A Farewell Notice

After three years in Second Life®, I’ve decided to take a break. There are many factors contributing to my decision, both real life and second life.

Without going in to a lot of detail, suffice to say that I have become disillusioned with Linden Lab® and the way they operate creating what I consider a difficult forum in which to operate a Second Life® business. I’ve also become more and more discouraged with the Second Life® platform as it stands. But I’ve blogged about my feelings toward Linden Lab®, so I’ll leave it at that.

My real life has become much busier and I have found lately that I just don’t have as much time to devote to operating within Second Life®. Real Life will always come first and as such, SL will have to be put on hold.

Second Life® has served its purpose for me. It was a welcome therapeutic adventure at a time I needed one. I learned so many things here that can only help me in real life. I’ve also met so many wonderful people beginning with my life as a newbie right up to today. So many people have helped or encouraged me along my journey and I am appreciative of each one of them. I also like to think that I had some help in the lives of others.

I’ve been discouraged with a lot of things that make it frustrating and lately I’ve become bored with my Second Life®. I no longer spend the time I once did nor feel the creative juices and excitement that once encouraged me.

I am proud of everything I’ve done and accomplished and feel satisfaction that the goals I set for myself early on have been met. With no new goals that interest me, I leave with some satisfaction.

So over the course of the next couple of weeks, I’ll remove my items from XStreet, dismantle my stores and malls and store away my inventory.

At the present time I will keep my account active as I plan to log in once in a while and who knows, I may decide to become more active again in the future.

Thanks to everyone who has made my journey a pleasant one and good luck in your future endeavours.



  1. aww Jenny...i just came across this by chance and it is so sad to see you go! although I do not see you anymore these days...I will always be extremely grateful to you for taking me on as a member of your staff in my early days of were so kind and helpful and much of what I learned from you helped me in my future employment in sl...I hope everything works out really well for you in rl and wish you good definately deserve it :)

  2. You will be missed far more then you'll ever know by so so many. Our times in the early days are some of my best in world life and no one but you beats a all nighter girls night out with the best wine in rl served by our pcs ;). I have learned so very very many things due to your friendship and creation skills. The biggest thing you taught me was how to say "NO", making a stand for what I know to be right and not be used by others in this world. I will never forget my first interview with you nor one second we had together, (our poor Kyla stuck in the chair still brings me to fits of tears of laughter ;)the good, the sad and yes the bad, we traveled it all together tightly side by side in love & grace, even with a few tears along the path which simply made us closer in the end. Building sims (not one but two lol) together at the blink of a eye, making it all work, fit, profit, creating events, smiles, more smiles, new dreams and racing about the grid exporing the magic of our in world live artist, damn what fun we have had girl! You broke ground that hadn't before in world & as too a past staff member, smiles*, there is no one I would have rather broke that ground with. It saddens me beyond words of your leaving for I know in world we are lossing one of the best of the best. If I could I would move heaven earth and even hell for you to keep you in world ;). But then I know too how strong willed you are ;) what a amazing person, how well you know you and I too know at times we all need to take a break step back and look at the forest to find the tree we love most. If you ever need anything, & that includes a shoulder still to lean on, someone to cry with or a all night girl's night out drinking dancing partying & talking, I am always here in both worlds for you sweet beloved Jen in your heart, *grins* I know you know that!
    Love you more then you know & always will :)

    Trella McMahon