Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Island Looks Great

Mutley and I have been busy for the past month making some changes and improvements around the Island. Here’s a summary of what’s been done.

Lavender Building:
A new building has replaced the old one. My office and workshop occupy the third floor; Thump Magazine and a boardroom are on the second floor while reception and resource center are located on the main floor. At the reception area is a pager to contact me, my schedule, a mailbox for myself and one for Thump Magazine. The resource center currently has three kiosks to give out information to visitors. There is a kiosk giving out information on the stores on the island by category, one on the businesses, and a third kiosk that provides manuals to help newcomers to Second Life®.

Thump Building:
The Thump building was imploded to make room for the new Lavender Building and Thump Magazine relocated to the second floor.

Blush Bridal:
Blush Bridal is a new boutique situated next door to Gia’s Fashion Cabaret. Wedding dresses, Bridesmaid dresses and Prom dresses are available here as well as garters and bouquets. There are some free poses and gift wrap in the store.

Gia’s Fashion Cabaret:
A new building courtesy of Mutley Latte replaces the old building. Most of the contents remain and over the next while we’ll be tweaking it a bit.

Lavender Isle Downtown Market:
The main shopping area of Lavender Isle has been renamed to the Downtown Market. Most of the builds have been updated to fit the theme and the central square surrounded by a lake remains. All the same great stores are still in their original locations.

Pawsome Pets Playcare Center:
Mutley has designed a playcare center for Second Life® pets on the south side of the island next to Subtle Couture. While details have yet to be finalized, the idea is to offer a place for residents to let their pets roam and be cared for when they can’t.

Off The Seawall:
The Off The Seawall Business area welcomes a new tenant in Shammy’s sionEggs. White Dahlia Photography has a new building and has updated the GS photo studio.

Marina Plaza:
The marina area is still intact as before, but now a new building occupies the dock area. Stalls are available for rent inside and kiosks outside with a few rented already by some of our tiny friends. Ad boards are available to promote your business. There is ample room to sail and boat with free boat rentals available inside. Autoreturn has been set to 20 minutes to give you time to sail the seas. Marina Plaza serves as the Marina Station for the Lavender Isle Rapid Transit (LIRT) system.

Lavender Beach:
The beach has remained intact but has had a few more amusement rides and games added and designated as an amusement park.

Lavender Isle Touring Balloon:
A hot air balloon ride giving a tour of the island has been set up next to Off The Seawall. The balloon seats four people and provides a sky high tour of the island with commentary.

Lavender Isle Rapid Transit (LIRT):
The old monorail system has been completely replaced by a new tram based system. This system covers 90% of the island with thirteen 20 second stops along the way. The underwater route remains after leaving Marina Station, and a new Sewer tunnel route has been added between Messy Bedroom and So Intimate. The trams seat four people and operate approximately every four minutes with a complete tour of the island lasting about twenty minutes. The track is invisible so as not to distract from the rest of the island.

Thump Magazine has been given a new look with a more user friendly menu. Upgrades to both blogs are ongoing. Lavender Corporation has pages for most businesses on the island.

Blog Vendors:
Newly designed vendors for Thump Magazine and the Lavender Blog have been placed around the island. In addition, a vendor for voting for the Hall of Fame has been added to various locations.

Prefab Chic Rezzing Platform:
The rezzing platform has been expanded and now has two rezzers to display the builds for sale. One rezzer is for residential builds, the other for commercial builds.

Advertising and Promotions:
I have redone a few of the classified ads and picks, as well as most of the parcel descriptions. I’m reviewing places and ways to do some more promotion off island.

We are constantly looking to improve things and plans are to replace the Messy Bedroom building and LIRT office building. It’s always busy on Lavender Isle but it’s never too busy to have you drop by. Do so and see what we’ve done. I’d love to hear your comments.

Ciao for now

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